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What is the price for video?
The cost of each project is calculating individually in accordance with the needs of your business and the major tasks that the video must solve. On an average, the production of the presentation promo cost starts from 1 200 euro. We do understand that the marketing departments usually work within the budgets as such we may present the concept and video script especially on time and on budget! Please click “to get a quote” to the right in order to request a calculation of the cost of your project. There are many ways to have video production to be economic. We are experts in cost savings.
What is the open project assessment?
We estimate each project where all kinds of the needed work are specified. The estimate in writing is a part of the agreement and is agreed by you as well as the Terms of Reference. Our aim is to provide the high quality video content saving your money. High-quality video may scale up massively return on investment and cost saving both in the short and long-term prospects.
Do I need to pay extra money for filming not in Vienna?
No, there is no matter where your company is placed; the cost of our work will stay the same as agreed. We provide video shooting in any part of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.
Is a stage payment possible?
Yes, we sign an agreement with you with agreed payment terms. Usually, we divide the payment into two stages - prepayment and post payment.
What is the price for consultation?
All consultations in our agency are free of charge. You may write us a letter on e-mail or request a callback. We always analyze carefully the requests and provide with complete information to solve your issues.
How long does it take to complete the project?
It depends on specific project. The production of the corporate video takes 3-4 weeks from filming to final editing averagely. We are able to complete the project in 1.5 weeks. The duration of the project is affected by the difficulty in preparing for the filming as well as the feedback from you and quantity of corrections.
Can I contact you after the project is completed?
After the end, we will stay in touch and can help you with creating a video in any different resolution or adding a new logo to the video. We archive the project and you may always ask for small changes by your request.
How many people are involved in the shootings?
We match handpicked team for each project. Usually over 4 to 15 people work on the project. The producer (the project curator), the director, the cameraman, the editor must work on the project.
Do you always work with the same team?
We have a well-developed team with high experience in working on a variety of projects. Furthermore, we have a large database of announcers, actors, sound designers.
What principals you use toward your customers?
We are more than just supplier is. We are your partner. We will work closely with you to understand your goals. We will examine all your materials, issues, competitors; in order to determine which video solution best suits your requirements and your budget. Throughout the projects, we are always available and settle all appeared issues in a moment.
We are an agency: is it possible to create video for our clients?
We have an option in cooperation with a range of clients and always have tried to enter into cooperation. As such, we are always open for any offers.
What about author's music?
In terms of the budget, we may find the music with the author’s rights or our composer may write a music composition specially for your video. In our experience, it's better to order music composer writing than to choose music with copyright confirmation. The composer perfectly sets the mood of the video and creates a harmonious perception to it.
Who has the rights to your film?
The author’s rights belongs to our studio, and all exclusive rights will be passed to you accordingly. As agreed with you, we have the right to use your video or thoughtful images only for posting on your own website and on the Youtube channel. We are not allowed to use the videos created for you for our additional profit.
What is the first step
What is the first step? How to start the developing a video?
First, imagine what you want to see in the end. What is important and one must to be told by video to audience? Who is your target audience? What do you want people to remember about the video? Where do you want to host your video? Write the questions, answers to them and share with others in your company. With this information, we can start to create together and eventually create something amazing! We have a lot of experience in transforming what you want to say in a format that will be comfortable for your audience. You do not need to create - we are ready to do this!
What if I do not know which video I want?
That’s completely fine, just having a thought can lead to an entire project. Please contact us! Our team of experts who are experienced in helping of release your ideas and have a ton of inspiration in their minds will help you to plan and make the video you dream.
Will you help us in the process of the whole video production?
Yes, we take care of everything: from our first talk about the project and until the final surrender and, even after that, we are constantly in touch. We are responsible for every stage of video shooting. We resolve all issues with suppliers and partners.
How it works
What final quality can I expect from UPSTUDIO?
We aim to be the best: you may always expect from us the highest quality in everything that we do. Each stage of our work is coordinated with you and only after approval, we move on. You may do the corrections throughout the whole project: from the script to the final editing.
What is the process of the video production?
Before taking up the work, we aim to collect complete information about the company. We analyze the competitors and find the interesting video solutions for your business direction. The production process of any roller consists of three stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Each stage is important and necessary for the video to meet your expectations and solve the problems of your business. At the same time, we have no strict limits one stage can flow softly to another. Each stage is coordinated with you and only after that we proceed to the next type of work.
What is Preproduction?
Pre-production is the preparatory stage for the production of a video. Depending on the complexity of the scenario and the type of video it may include such types of work as: development of the concept, coordination of technical specifications and / or conclusion of a contract, creating a script and storyboards (sketching scenes), team selection (graphic designer, sound engineer, announcer, composer), casting of actors, preparation of props, search for locations, preparation of additional equipment. The life of this phase starts from 1.5 weeks.
What is Production?
Production is the main stage of video production, during which the main material of video - video and graphics (2D or 3D) is produced. Depending on the concept, we are doing studio shooting. If you need to shoot in your office or workplace, we bring to you all the necessary equipment. At this stage, interviews are recorded, shooting of the work of the office, enterprise or plant, aerial photography, announcers and graphics are created. This stage can last from several days to several weeks, depending on the concept and the main tasks of the video.
What is post-production?
Postproduction is the final stage of work on the video production. All parts of the video that were prepared at the stage of pre-production and production are collected in a single video. We choose the best duplicates from the announcer record, the best frames from the footage, do color correction, make out the credits and add the logo. Upon approval of the main completed film material, we put the graphics. Then we continue with the music and additional sounds. Each type of work is agreed with the customer. This stage can last from week or two.
What kind of videos are created by UPSTUDIO?
Almost any type of video that you can imagine. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common videos that we have created: presentation films about the company, image clips, promotional videos, educational films, training videos, animated films (2D and 3D), YouTube and Vimeo videos, dance and music videos, video in VR format and other videos.
Do you film training seminars, conferences, or large sales meetings?
Yes, we do. We carry out video recording from such events as annual sales meetings, awards ceremonies, conferences, focus groups, training seminars, and dance recitals. Please contact us if interested event is not listed here.
What is the optimal time for video duration?
It depends on the type of video. For a presentation film, 1.5 - 2 minutes of video is optimal. For an advertising clip - no more than 30 seconds. Our object is for the video to attract and hold the attention of the audience, and also help to solve the tasks set.
Do you film weddings?
We do not film the weddings, birthdays and corporate parties.
Few marketing question
Why it is essentially to cooperate with a professional video production company?
One person cannot be at once a professional scriptwriter, director, cameraman, sound engineer, graphic designer or composer. Therefore, doing business with a professional studio you achieve the best result.
You may use the opportunity of the experience of our team and create a better impression of your company.
Our company consider the concept for each specific project, analyze the competitors in depth, also videos that are already presented in this segment and offer really best solutions for equipment and sound.
Why Business Videos?
The Video is actively used not only in advertising and in marketing. It can be used to fix most of business tasks, such as: - training of employees and partners - business research - reviews - presentations, promotions - reports on corporate events - introduction and humanization of business (for potential customers or, possibly, even for the involvement of personnel) - support for business applications and much more.
What are the benefits of having a video on my website?
Online video continues to emerge as a powerful resource to engage audiences and influence buyer behavior. The research of the efficiency of web video show us the positive effect on consumers. Visitors to websites that include video are significantly more likely to stay longer and feel more confident about your product or service. Most importantly – they’re more likely to take action. • Visitors stayed at websites that use video 78% longer than websites that had no video. RealNetworks 82.6% of consumers more likely to buy from a company whose site had web video
• 73.4% of consumers said that seeing video on a company’s website increased their comfort level
• 68.4% of consumers more likely to buy products online after seeing a web commercial. Chamberlain Research
• You are 53x more likely to appear on page 1 of Google’s search results if you have video on your website – Forrester Research
How about branding of our company?
While creating a video we focus on your brand and corporate identity. We add your company’s logo into the video, company branded font and color combination may be used as well. We work closely with you to ensure that key messages in the video and product features are clearly conveyed with the focus on your brand. All stages of the video are coordinated with you. We proceed to the next stage only after the approval of the previous one.
Can you help me with video marketing and SEO?
Yes and yes! These two aspects will really help to get your video recognised so your investment goes above and beyond, we have the expert knowledge to help you.
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