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Our team

A few years ago we came up with the idea to create our own studio. A company that adheres to its goals and values ​​in the work. We create advertising media content (photos and videos) to promote any business. For us it does not matter a large company or a small business - we are equally approaching the solution of the tasks set. We are doing all projects with maximum impact and with the utmost attention to detail. This means that before we get down to work, we work out the terms of reference together with you, think through the concept (who will be focused on the video, what you want to convey to the viewer, what effect you expect, etc.) and write the script. We pass to each stage of work only after your approval. And even after the completion of the projects, we stay in touch and are ready to help you post the video or answer all the questions that arise.

We are professionals of our business with a total work experience of more than 50 years. During the work of our studio, projects of different complexity for completely different business lines were realized: from a small shop with hand-made goods to a brick factory; from the famous brand Baskin Robbins to a private coffee shop for two tables. We care what happens in the end, so we do our best to tell about your company attractive to customers. In our portfolio - commercials, presentation and training films, interviews and music videos.

Vova Shumi
Founder, CEO, photographer, director of photography
Evgenia Panteleeva
Producer, project manager
Valery Sorokovoy
Director, screenwriter, stylist
Marina Ryazantceva
Die Regisseurin, Filmredakteurin
Ekaterina Khramova
Regisseurin der Fotografie
Igor Goncharov
Alina Matevosova
Director, film editor
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